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Sulfamic acid manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in Fujairah Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi Doha Kuwait Muscat Oman

KENYA CHEMICAL is one of the Sulfamic acid manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Kuwait, kenya. We are supplied to various industrial markets including Household, Institutional Cleaning, Personal Care, and Industrial sectors including Oil fields, chemical, Animal feed additive, Food additive, Agrochemical, Fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, Minerals, Lubricants, Marine Industry, Metal Working chemical industry, and Coatings markets.



Sulfamic acid, also known as amidosulfonic acid, amidosulfuric acid, aminosulfonic acid, sulphamic acid and sulfamidic acid, is a molecular compound with the formula H3NSO3. This colourless, water-soluble compound finds many applications. Sulfamic acid melts at 205 °C before decomposing at higher temperatures to water, sulfur trioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen.

1.Cleaning agent

Sulfamic acid is used as an acidic cleaning agent, sometimes pure or as a component of proprietary mixtures, typically for metals and ceramics. It is frequently used for removing rust and limescale, replacing the more volatile and irritating hydrochloric acid, which is however cheaper. It is often a component of householddescaling agents, for example, Lime-A-Way Thick Gel contains up to 8% sulfamic acid and pH 2 – 2.2, or detergents used for removal of limescale. When compared to most of the common strong mineral acids, sulfamic acid has desirable water descaling properties, low volatility, low toxicity. It forms water-soluble salts of calcium and ferric iron.

Importantly, sulfamic acid is preferable to use in household in comparison to hydrochloric acid for its intrinsic safety. If erroneously mixed with hypochlorite based products such as bleach, it does not form chlorine gas, where the most common acids would; the reaction (neutralization) with NH3, produces a salt as depicted in the section above.

It also finds applications in the industrial cleaning of dairy and brew-house equipment. Although it is considered less corrosive than hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibitors are often added to commercial cleansers of which it is a component. Some of its domestic use, e.g. Easy-Off, for descaling include home coffee and espresso equipment and in denture cleaners.


organic intermediate,Used as herbicide, fire retardant, softener for paper and textiles, metal cleaning agent, etc

Other uses

Catalyst for esterification process.
Dye and pigment manufacturing.
Descalant for scale removal.
Coagulator for urea-formaldehyde resins.
Ingredient in fire extinguishing media. Sulfamic acid is the main raw material for ammonium sulfamate which is a widely used herbicide and fire retardant material for household products.
Pulp and paper industry as a chloride stabilizer.
Synthesis of nitrous oxide by reaction with nitric acid.

The deprotonated form (sulfamate) is a common counterion for nickel(II) in electroplating.

Used to separate nitrite ions from mixture of nitrite and nitrate ions( NO3−+ NO2−) during qualitative analysis of nitrate by Brown Ring test.

Silver polishing

According to the label on the consumer product, the silver cleaning product TarnX contains thiourea, a detergent, and sulfamic acid.

As a bleaching agent. The catalysis of heavy metal ions in the bleaching liquid can be reduced or eliminated, so that the quality of the bleaching liquid can be guaranteed, and the oxidation degradation of metal ions to fiber can be reduced. Also can prevent the fiber peeling reaction, improve pulp strength, whiteness. In application, it should not be put directly into the bleaching liquid, but be dissolved in water first and then into the bleaching liquid. Sulfamic acid is a kind of solid unitary inorganic acid, which can also be regarded as monamide, sulfonamide and amine sulfonic acid of sulfuric acid. 

It is a monoamide sulphate compound, which is an important fine chemical due to its double functional groups of amino and sulfonic acid, which can carry out various chemical reactions. Catalyst for synthesis of urea – formaldehyde resin. It is also used as a herbicide, fireproofing agent, softener for paper and textiles, cleaner for metals and ceramics. It is used as a nitrile remover in the production of azo dyes.

 It is used as a stabilizer for chlorination and bleach in swimming pools and as a reference reagent for acid-base titration in analytical chemistry. It can be used as a reference reagent in analytical chemistry for acid-base titration. It is also used as a herbicide, fireproofing agent, softener for paper and textiles, a shrinkproof, bleach, softener for fibers, a cleanser for metals and ceramics, and a catalyst for the synthesis of urinaldehyde resins.

 It is also used in diazotization of dyes and pickling of electroplated metals. Used as a reagent for indirect determination of nitrite in turbidimetric method. Used as a standard and masking agent for determination of nitrogen and sulfur. Also used in electroplating industry. 

The main raw materials of acid lotions, metal and ceramic detergents, fiber bleaching auxiliaries, etc. Sulfamic acid is used to prepare nickel sulfamate and to electroplate low stress nickel sulfamate, which can improve the electroplate quality and shorten the electroplate cycle. Sulfamic acid can also be used in the oxidation dyeing of aluminum. 

Sulfamic acid is used as a complexing agent in sulfamic acid type platinum plating process. As a reference reagent for acid-base titration, it is also used as a softener for herbicides, fireproofing agents, paper and textiles, and in organic synthesis.

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